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Model-driven adapter development for “talking” System Architect’s technical language

IBM Rational® System Architect® (SA) is a great tool for enterprise architecture (EA) projects, e.g. using meta-models such as ArchiMate® from The Open GroupArchiMate® has been implemented as a modeling language for SA by CORSO with support by IBM. The tight integration of an EA tool such as SA is a must-have in the enterprise management tool landscape of large organizations where general EA frameworks like TOGAF®, ArchiMate® or specific defense frameworks (DoDAF, MoDAF, NAF etc.) are employed and the models shared with other tools like Visio®, Sparx® Enterprise Architect, ARIS®, TROUX® or non-IBM BPM(S) tools.All of these tools “speak” XML or standards like XMI or XPDL – but the true story is that an integration in terms of an easy model exchange is basically not available or only achievable by coding legacy point-to-point interfaces with very limited functionality, high coding effort and the need for ongoing support when things are changing, as it usually happens in life.

TM Forum Frameworx is an enterprise architecture framework for telecom and digital service provider industries, it embraces eTOM, TAM, and SID. TM Forum is the organization that owns the intellectual property on Frameworx and continuously maintains its contents. TransWare AG, as a member and partner of TM Forum, has made Frameworx accessible to the leading modeling tool Sparx Systems™ Enterprise Architect (EA). Our product TM Forum Frameworx for Enterprise Architect is two things: A one-to-one translation of the Frameworx source to EA and a Frameworx add-in for EA. The Frameworx EA model currently includes the meta-data-rich diagram and element contents of eTOM, TAM, and partly SID. TM Forum members can order TM Forum Frameworx for Enterprise Architect here. All you need is EA as of version 12 or higher.

Sparx Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) is a modeling tool used by Enterprise Architects in many organizations. Over the time this tool has evolved from an UML/SysML tool to a full featured Enterprise Architecture tool supporting different frameworks (NIEM, CCTS, Zachmann, TOGAF or UPDM) or modeling languages like BPMN. On the other side Microsoft Visio is "the" diagramming tool for business users or analysts. In the following blog posts we research the interchange of model data and diagrams between both tools.

Sparx Visio Post 20171103

ProVision is a EA and BPA modeling tool from the US with a long history: developed by Proforma Inc. it was 2007 acquired by Metastorm Inc. and 2010 acquired by OpenText®. As there are many new standards and tools in the market like BPMN, Microsoft Visio® or Software AG ARIS®. In this post we show the comparison between Opentext ProVision notebooks and Microsoft Visio as deliverables of the conversion.

TFS is the central hub for development using Microsoft Visual Studio managing teams, resources and agile development processes. BPM-X® is the middleware for model-based testing and links modeling tools like Microsoft Visio®, Software AG ARIS, Sparx Enterprise Architect or many others with the testing and requirements capabilities of TFS. 

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