Many surveys regarding tools used for process management and modeling show that Microsoft® Visio® is most frequently employed for this task; along with (amazingly) Excel® and PowerPoint® for business process documentation. The quality of such deliverables and their value for the company/organization differs by the functionality and modeling capabilities of the respective tool (and do not forget about the people’s experience and skills). The interesting question is: How to close the gap between the easy-to-use Office tools (so much loved by business folks and consultants) and those complex and costly tools preferred by architects?

To POC or not to POC? – That is the question.

It is a truism that as capabilities expand so do expectations, the demand is always for superior and higher quality goods.  This is only right as customers pay good money and should expect qualified products and services in return. The same can be said for virtual goods. In the software industry we sell virtual goods via software licensing, which is the right to use copyrighted materials based on intellectual property delivering value to the customer.

Escape from vendor lock-in – translate your model assets the way you decide

Winning a client on the technical marketplace is sometimes a demanding piece of work. Marketing and sales efforts, pre-sales engagements for POCs and pilots are making a client pretty “costly”. And who likes to lose something costly acquired and embosomed by all the efforts spent to win a deal?


Over the years the concepts of enterprise architecture and business process management have evolved, the number and complexity of frameworks are growing, new hypes and acronyms are popping up like crocuses in spring. All approaches are aiming to deliver better support for business, more agile IT and closing the much-cited gap between business and IT (just to mention some of the chief targets). But taking a real world view at enterprises, the majority of organizations are still far away from architecture’s wonderland.

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