ARIS 9 – the next generation

The ARIS 9 tool’s evolution is driven by today’s IT mega-trends like cloud based modeling and multi tenancy, big data, social BPM or model to execution. Some people also call mega-trends hype.

The hype cycle developed by the IT research and advisory firm Gartner is well known. Other sayings  like “The king EPC is dead, long live the king BPMN” leads us to a perfect fame war.Key to all of this is what people understand by the definition of BPM methodology, what is a feasible way to spread the word of business process management with all given restrictions of organization or how much hype is finally needed for BPM tooling?

BPM-X’s engagements with customers yield an accumulating reservoir of lessons learned and therefore deep experience with the ARIS 9.x concept.  Clearly all kinds of use cases are demanded in the market.  It is great to have choice and by use of the BPM-X Converter tool technical formats and methodological conventions can be translated to support whatever customers want, be it:

  • Replace other BPM/BPA tools by ARIS 9
  • Migrate several ARIS 7 databases to a single ARIS 9 Filter for consolidation
  • Streamline complex ARIS 7 Filters to simplified concepts for more user friendly modeling with ARIS 9
  • Migrate from ARIS 7 to another tools as customers decide they do not need the features of ARIS 9
  • Reduce license or migration costs for ARIS 9 by going to a Microsoft Visio based modeling environment

It seems from our vantage point that  whatever the steps were that required such a major tool release the outcome leaves people to wonder: on the one hand how to leverage those pretty new features for their needs, while on the other maybe they should use this situation as an opportunity to  make the break switching to other kind of tooling concept.

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