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    About the Company

    BPM-X is a registered trademark and brand of TransWare AG, a software vendor engaged in international business and projects. The BPM-X® software suite translates and seamlessly exchanges model and diagram data between various tools, formats and standards. In addition BPM-X® offers a Microsoft tool based modeling suite with an open object repository.

    Grown in the hothouse of TransWare AG’s fertile software engineering labs, BPM-X® works with approved standards and state of the art technologies from market leaders like Microsoft®, SAP®, IBM® and Oracle® providing leading edge software products. The BPM-X® brand can be found throughout the world quietly but efficiently giving leading enterprises the technical edge to conquer their domains.


    BPM-X® is software that offers genuine universal model data and diagram translations as well as web based business process analysing toolset using Microsoft Visio® as a modeling front-end. The products enable highly sophisticated conversions between a variety of existing tools, repositories and data formats. BPM-X can import all popular formats and standards with a set of predefined adapters and templates. The software implements a model bus with a very flexible hub-and-spoke architecture, is highly configurable and can be adjusted for the needs of your specific EA, BPA or BPM(S) environment. Based on its open model repository BPM-X offers enterprise analytic reporting and operational business intelligence tools.

    Human assets

    Our highly motivated and well educated professional staff represents a major part of our assets. The consulting, service and development team members have strong methodological, technology tools backgrounds. Our products and know-how are built upon years of experience in research & development. We are specialists in model data exchange and BPM tool integration technologies. Our business encompasses the whole bandwidth of knowledge ranging from standards like BPMN or UML to EA/BPM tooling concepts and technologies.

    Agile Software Development

    For our agile software development process we follow the concepts of continuous delivery. We use an internet based development platform combined with proven software methodologies for agile development. Our workbench covers a broad set of tooling including electronic helpdesk, release management, requirements and change management, knowledge management, code metrics measurement, continuous integration with automated deployments and last but not least test and configuration management as well as defect management.

    Marketing and Sales

    Our marketing and sales works with the following channels:

    • Direct sales for clients for all industry branches, non-profit organizations and governments
    • Collaboration with System Integrators and BPM service providers
    • OEM Partners, value added resellers and software distribution partners

    Partner Network

    A large global network of professional partners in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific offer BPM-X products and services. Our partners integrate BPM-X technologies into their software product suites or use our know-how and long term experience in the BPM market.

    Please contact us if would like to become a partner or if you like to have global partner support.

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    Company locations

    Fritz-Wunderlich-Straße 49
    66869 Kusel - Germany
    664 11th Ave S
    St. Petersburg, FL 33701 - USA

    Contact us

    Intl. / US: +1 (813) 642-7865
    Germany: +49 (6381) 916-0

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